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We are a Digital Solutions software house based in London. Our solutions help customers across the UK become leaner, more agile and better able to serve their own stakeholders.

Milan Digital is part of the Milan group of companies, who since 1999, have collectively delivered IT solutions to over 100 customers in the UK, Europe and North America. Over the last ten years, the group has gravitated towards, and is now fully focussed on delivering digital solutions.


Delivering digital excellence

Elegant responsive websites

We design and build beautiful responsive websites using HTML, WordPress, Joomla and PHP. Based on your needs, we will either customise a theme or build a bespoke design.

eCommerce solutions

We use robust frameworks to build your eCommerce website. Amongst others, these range from Magento, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, X-Cart, Opencart and PayPal.

Complex web applications

For large corporates, we build highly complex web applications that pull data from multiple legacy systems and provide a simplified workflow for internal staff and end users.

Content Management Systems

Content Management is complex and often specific to each organisation. We configure and tailor proprietary (ReadyPortal) and opensource CMSs such as Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, for your specific needs.

Solutions for startups

Startups have interesting ideas, big dreams and bags of enthusiasm. We listen, critique, validate concepts, refine revenue streams and define product roadmaps. Then we build v1.0 and get them started.

Core PHP Development

There are templates galore, but customers often need a bespoke system. We use Angular and CorePHP frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter to develop high performance customised web systems.

Mobile apps

Technology aside, we understand your needs, create wireframes, design concepts and deliver working prototypes with screen click-throughs. When you so see your design come alive, we start coding.

Cloud solutions

Cloud is more than just remote servers – it’s a mindset, which if implemented well, can give you security, location freedom and resource elasticity to better manage your business. We use cloud platforms from Rackspace, AWS and GCP.

Digital marketing

Businesses need an online presence and constant effort to keep fresh and visible. We help setup, maintain and protect social media identities, optimise web sites, build links for great SEO and enable marketing campaigns.

Our Digital Products

We have built digital products for customers and ourselves. These range from scalable products/systems, an end to end Microsurgery Appointments System, to dedicated platforms for specialist groups such as airline crew.

"The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past."




Doing things right

After graduating from Nottingham University, Saranjit worked at Esso, PwC and FileNet before starting UK, a company selling AI based software to financial institutions worldwide. He then started Milan Associates which led to Milan Solutions and now Milan Digital. But why Milan? Saranjit explains in his own words

“In mid-1995, I heard some rumours about India and IT. I investigated and within a year, started using Indian programmers. When I started Milan Associates, I wanted to leverage India and reflect that in the name. Equally, I wanted the name to reflect my British heritage and the fact that we were a UK company targeting UK customers. My first employee’s husband suggested “milan”. It was a beautiful play on words and perfectly captured the essence of the company at the time. In the UK, milan stood for smart, fashion, quality, and was easily pronounced. In India, milan describes the event of “‘when people meet’”, and that worked well too. And so it came to be…

Years later, I was at Milan airport looking for a hotel, and the lady asked for my business card. I thought nothing of it, until she smiled and asked if I was Italian and from Milan! Lol.. Correspondingly, in India we are often announced as “the guys from milan (pronounced “‘mil-un’”) are here” – you can add your own accent and head shake 😊.”

With military college education, a love of mathematics and a career working for/with blue-chip companies, Saranjit is driven by quality and doing things right.

The fruit of 20+ years of business, Milan Digital has a quality driven, customer oriented culture. Our impressive track record doesn’t just showcase our work, but also shows the field in which we honed our software delivery processes. We believe that we make an efficient, technically strong and reliable digital delivery partner.

Saranjit lives in London, but visits Delhi regularly, where he co-runs an education counselling boutique, helping prepare youngsters wanting to study abroad at top tier ivy league standard universities. This provides a unique opportunity and a privilege to contribute to child development, career counselling and character building, besides being constantly reminded how savvy the next generation of youngsters are.

Saranjit Arora
saranjit Arora


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